Monday, November 9, 2009

yosemite national park

me and alex just decided to get up and go to yosemite we didnt bring anything. no water no blankets, no tent, nothing. just our skateboards and the clothes on our back. well we wernt expecting to spend the night but things go the way they go. we didnt end up getting there until sunset so naturally we decided it would be a great idea to spend the night there.

so we went to the general store got some food only th essentials(ie. bread, peanutbutter, a cucumber, a head of broccoli, a six pack of anchor steam and a fifth of whiskey). then we made a sign that said "spare blanket?" sat on the corner and aquired two wool blankets, a down throw blanket, and a 0 degree sleeping bag. crashed in the back of alex's car at camp 4 woke up to someone flashing their light into his car while we were sleeping, freaked out drove to the halfdome trailhead and finished the night. woke up drove to glacier point hung our fleet off the edge of a 2000foot cliff,

then walked into the forrest and sat for 2 hours

headed back down to the valley returned the sleeping bag. and drove home.

stopped at some hot sprngs in a little place called bridgeport ca. and then finished out journey all the way back to tahoe. it was an adventure, it was cold, and unexpected but none the less totally awesome and would most definatly do it again in a heart beat.


  1. nah were just hella stupid and dont think about shit! haha but it always works out. i mean its not like were gonna die.