Sunday, August 30, 2009

lots and lots

so tonights the night were going im gonna sleep under the american flag and hope the playa dosnt eat me alive. but this will be my new home on a side note iv been like overly facinated with photography lately more than usual. but iv really been into my roommate alex's (whos face is in the photo from the last post) cousin eric his blog is constantly blowing my mind. he also happens to be really good with one of my all time favorite photographers cole barash both of these guys photos are amazing you should really check them out. here are probably my two favorite from each and i have also been spending alot of time looking at one of my best friends sean basalyga's photos too here is a slide show the j man made which displays alot of seans photos some go back prettyfar but are pretty awesome aswell

Thursday, August 27, 2009

back to the grind.

so as most of you all know school has started. i am currently in the middle of my second 12 hour day down here at unr. posts may slow down but they may get even more often. i am finally getting to take the studio lighting class that i have been wanting to take, and conveniently broke the only flash i have. so you might be seeing alot of studio shots from now on.
also i will be headed to burning man in 3 days for a 7 day stay in the dessert and this is an event i have dreamed of taking photos at for a little over 3 years now. so that will be really good for me and hopefully for my portfolio. but sheckler decided to push one of our recliner chairs into the "lawn" the otehr day and the lighting and set up looked nice so i made alex sit and smile.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

so as i said there would be pictures i soon came to realize that if your drunk every night its kinda hard to motivate your self to go out and take photos. so not much party photos but you know some scenery and some good friends kinda stuff lemme know what you think.

Friday, August 21, 2009

whats next?

well vegas was a blast. watched the sun come up all three nights in a row. (pictures comin soon) but wheni got back to truckee i found out that burning man is next i have wanted to go to burning man for the past 3 years so finally this year im going with alex and steph. so rock on 7 days in the dessert!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 days left

i know there mostly mor edog photos but iv been spending alot of time inside considering that its 104 degrees out every day. but besides the photos, jeff came into town on sunday night to visit brian who conveniently lives about 1 block from my sisters house. we all got a couple brews and got nasty with it, bike ridin, tomato stealin, and pizza eating good times. then yesterday i went back to brians and he introduced me to the saki bomb. witch apparently is one of those things your suspossed to do 4 of in a row! i was syked and it lasted till about mid night when i ended up finding my self hangin out wit his neighbors son, who was watching his moms house and we were drinking a highlife looking at the tomatoes we had stole again! i wish i had photos but no can do i decided no more drinking with my camera because shit breaks!

Friday, August 7, 2009


well today i started my week long stay here in Davis got here around 10 am which was immediately followed by a bike ride. i was hoping this bike ride was going to take me a couple hours, since i don't know where anything is here. we to my surprise i found the wells Fargo(my first stop) roughly after being on my bike for 3 minutes. put some money in. then headed over to this ice cream shop where my sister said i could potentially work for a week and ironically found it within 10 minutes of riding. so i kinda said " what the fuck, now all my shit is done and it only took 13 minutes" so i headed back to the pad turned on a movie and fell asleep for 4 hours. woke up to find out that my bike had a flat tire. so i walked out side to ride my sisters bike and realized she had no seat and it was locked(which she didn't leave me the code for) so i grabbed my skate board and decided to skate to the skate park which i figured would take me a bit. once again to my surprise the skate park was only 2 blocks from here house and it was on a bike path the entire way. got there skated what has to be one of the worst parks ever built (although it does have one pretty fun quarter) for a couple hours then headed back once again. so now my bike is in pieces because i tryed to put my seat post on my sister bike before i realized that her bike was locked. and i took off the whee cuz it was flat.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

fat girls only

so mike V and my self had been talking about going to the beach for about the last or so. so he finally calls me sunday night and says lets go tomorrow so after a long night of partying(sorry no photos of that) i drove back from the city around 10 am and met up with mike called up our buddy ling ling, and steak knife and headed to santa cruz. first things first we had to skate what i believe is my favorite skatepark. ling ling was getting wild in the tube and mike V was crusing.

then secondly we headed to the beach, whats a trip to santa cruz without getting a little wet? so when we got to the beach of course there were beautiful women

but mike had some one else in mind.

so as we all know mike is always keepin it real some times to real
FGO for life

chaz'z burfday extravaganza

havn't had enough to up date in a bit. been pretty boof nasty lately partying alot skating alot. and trying to figure out my life all at the same time. but last friday was one of my best friends 22nd birthday's (chaz). he threw him self an extravaganza which naturaly ended up in the police coming to his house. but the best part of them coming was that no one answered the door when they came so they stayed out side where pigs naturally belong, and couldnt do anything. it was amazing. we won finally. but here are some photos i took from that evening i tryed to do the whole natural light thing so let me know if you like or not?