Saturday, May 30, 2009

back in tahoe

after being in pleasanton for 16 days i finally made my way back to truckee. brought derek alan along for the ride. got up here decided to go swimmin, picked up alex, dropped off rent, skated incline village park, andheaded to sand harbor where we found nothing but clouds and rain but we went swimmin any way. thought id give HDR photos anothery try, and took a couple pointers from my buddy zak. so heres what i came out with

Thursday, May 28, 2009


this is the first thing that come up on google images when you search mangina! thank you taryn you have made my life that much better for knowing this!

Monday, May 25, 2009

party excellent!

so i bike over to FGO to meet up with jon knox becaus he happens to be in town. low and behold as soonas i get there he tells me jeff is having a keg party and a band is gonna play. so naturally i get slightly offended that jeff didnt call me. so i give him a call, he says hes in davis and the party is definatly on so he drives to pleasanton and jeff pat jon and I head out to sf we get there and party on it was pretty ragin keg got tapped pretty quick so we had to barter with artwork and cash to get some more 40's. band played and we all got real loose. convinced a few people to let me slap them and they could slap me, tore my pants, pat chipped his tooth, got my arm tagged,fell 2 times, pat made out with a fat chick and we called it a night.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duh Wave

so off to sunnyvale for another sunny afternoon of skatboarding. took me and mike V a couple minuites to figure out where the park was but it all worked out . met pat derek lockyer and chaz at duh pork! skated the mini bowl and chugged some water then mozied on down to surf the wave! i rolled in and was content with that but we had three kids throwin down un fortinatly i missed pats flawless frontside bigspin but i did manae to catch a couple of derek's rather large no comply and mike V's shifty flip who could have made anyone think he was going frontside! after that skate session i drove out to sacremento and met up with alex and sheckler but i didnt manage to snap any skate photos but i did get a couple of the park we skated with quite the sunset. you can check those out on my flikr page.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

less stop more pop!

so today i call up pat he said hes down town! so down town i go. we sit there for a minute and next thing i know chaz and jarrod call us up and say you wanna take some skate photos so naturally i was down. went to this rad fence spot got in trouble for climbing on the roof of a building,angle hunting. ended up with an ok fish eye angle but chaz decided to chump apparently th epressure of people held him down. so i asked if he had any stair tricks. and we headed to this new 7 stair. and he decided to pull through. so here they are!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just another day after class

so i went down to the bay for my sisters wedding and decided to stay for a couple weeks. just so happens jeff rolls into town with his buddy justin. gives me a call and says "im out side lets go skate" so we roll to the park call up pat, call up brenden, who also happens to be in town, call up jarrod, soon enough the SRRB kids rolled through and hey whatda ya know an old fashion after school special. skated FGO, skated new park, got a couple brews and did it up!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


for those who dont know tits is brenden green "sheckler" "BG" and what ever other name weve all called him

Sunday, May 3, 2009

epic skatepark

today me and dave made the trek down to rockland to see if the california's newest indoorskate park was up to par with what weve been hearing. so we whipped the miata around a few turns and eventually got there an hour later. skated for a sweaty 3 hours and decided that this shit was pretty good. definatly gonna stop there again next time i head back to the bay. check it out though

Friday, May 1, 2009


Dude this is the coolest thing iv ever seen on a long board ill challenge any frat asshole to take his flipflops down this hil. here