Thursday, December 10, 2009


so i dont typically like to put full length video's on here but i was so syked on the nike video "debacle" that i went for it. this made me want to go skate so bad. but right now were plagued with another snow storm in the forcast so that probably wont be happening anytime soon. but maybe ill make a trip down to the bay one of these days. for another good old skate session. some day id love to shoot the photos for a video like this. and i gotta let you know i also dont typically like to advertise for huge corporations like nike but this video killed it. so watch and enjoy. its only 20 min anyway

Nike Debacle from mike on Vimeo.


  1. wow there is definitely no way I can finish this essay after watching that. I need to skate, too bad its 4:30 am and wet out.

  2. yeah its pretty epic for sure. and its not an over kill just a ton of gnarly tricks