Monday, February 8, 2010

still havin fun

its hard to skate in truckee between november and april. for on obvious reason, snow! we watching it fall but this year more than any its seemed to be moer of a nusance than anything else. we just want to skate. so alex devised his own version of the classic "indo board" and we call it the "mondo board". alex almost has tre flips. so were gonna try to get sponsored.

i also recently got a new 50mm 1.8D nikon lense so i had to test out the clairity so i thought to my self what better than promoting a couple books that have done me well. so if your gonna choose any to read, id start with days of war nights of love. this books has changed the way i think and view the world. you can order it off

also everyone should go check out my one of my good friends, jesse's, new site. its called realizeculture. hes been keeping us all uptodate with whats going in on the bayarea skate world. and showing us some art that will get you syked. go check it out.

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