Sunday, March 28, 2010

la manzanilla mexico

so some may know some may not. but i just spent 8 days in mexico doing photographic work for an organization called the great basin institute. the goal of the project was to take pictures of one of the last un changed mangroves(swams) in mexico. our goral was to take photos for a book they want to publish to help raise funds for their program. so my professor invited 12 of us to go and work hand in hand with a group of science students from the university of california, channel islands. but we were lucky enough to get to camp in tents on the beach, literally about 20 feet from high tide, in on of the most beautiful beaches iv been on. got to meet some really cool people and take some pretty cool photos as well. so here are a few from my trip i dont wanna put to many on in case they decide to publish any of them.

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