Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duh Wave

so off to sunnyvale for another sunny afternoon of skatboarding. took me and mike V a couple minuites to figure out where the park was but it all worked out . met pat derek lockyer and chaz at duh pork! skated the mini bowl and chugged some water then mozied on down to surf the wave! i rolled in and was content with that but we had three kids throwin down un fortinatly i missed pats flawless frontside bigspin but i did manae to catch a couple of derek's rather large no comply and mike V's shifty flip who could have made anyone think he was going frontside! after that skate session i drove out to sacremento and met up with alex and sheckler but i didnt manage to snap any skate photos but i did get a couple of the park we skated with quite the sunset. you can check those out on my flikr page.

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