Monday, May 25, 2009

party excellent!

so i bike over to FGO to meet up with jon knox becaus he happens to be in town. low and behold as soonas i get there he tells me jeff is having a keg party and a band is gonna play. so naturally i get slightly offended that jeff didnt call me. so i give him a call, he says hes in davis and the party is definatly on so he drives to pleasanton and jeff pat jon and I head out to sf we get there and party on it was pretty ragin keg got tapped pretty quick so we had to barter with artwork and cash to get some more 40's. band played and we all got real loose. convinced a few people to let me slap them and they could slap me, tore my pants, pat chipped his tooth, got my arm tagged,fell 2 times, pat made out with a fat chick and we called it a night.

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