Thursday, September 24, 2009

model mayhem, and studio work

so ever since i started this studio lighting class i have been pretty upidy about this website called model mayhem. its basically a website similar to facebook/myspace. where models, makeup artist, photographers, photoshop people, and hair stylists, create accounts and set meet times to do photo shoots some of it is done for free and others are done for money. just depends on the situation. if your interested in my account its right here. but i recently came across one of there photos of the day that i kinda fell in love with so im gonna put it up for you.

if your interested in any of her other work here is her flickr page as well. im pretty much about as envyous as you can be of it all right now. model and photographer!
but i have been shooting my own studio stuff as well but i still have quite a ways to go buthere are a few of pat we did on monday.

as iyou can see i still have a ways to go but i think some turned out alright. but im learning so if you got any hints or help feel free as always.

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