Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i have no words to explain how i feel about it.

so goign in i had no idea what i was getting my self into. the trip started off pretty rough we were up from sunday morning until monday morning at 5 am packing everything finally set sail ended up in gerlach at about 8 am monday morning took us an hour to get in. took most of the day to set up camp. and took about 2 hours to start drinking. ended up with robbie on the back of a trailor disguised as puff the magic dragon. met a new friend WHALES and started off the evening with shots of sailor jerry straight from the handle and woke up the next morning next to someones tent sleeping on their couch cushions at about 11 am the next day. all i remember is there were cops and a gay bar. and that i had one hell of a walk back to our camp the next morning.

but that is pretty much how the trip started. a couple of days went by and i ende dup meeting one of the most beautiful girls. and sat down and got to know her quite a bit. she was from truckee. she had dreads, and she had an anarchist tattoo on her right thigh. (sorry i dont have any photos of her)

aside from her i also went to the temple wrote some pretty important feelings on the walls and on our last night i watched all my words and everything i felt about them burn away. hope you all enjoy some of the photos there will be more to come

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