Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 days left

i know there mostly mor edog photos but iv been spending alot of time inside considering that its 104 degrees out every day. but besides the photos, jeff came into town on sunday night to visit brian who conveniently lives about 1 block from my sisters house. we all got a couple brews and got nasty with it, bike ridin, tomato stealin, and pizza eating good times. then yesterday i went back to brians and he introduced me to the saki bomb. witch apparently is one of those things your suspossed to do 4 of in a row! i was syked and it lasted till about mid night when i ended up finding my self hangin out wit his neighbors son, who was watching his moms house and we were drinking a highlife looking at the tomatoes we had stole again! i wish i had photos but no can do i decided no more drinking with my camera because shit breaks!

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