Tuesday, August 4, 2009

fat girls only

so mike V and my self had been talking about going to the beach for about the last or so. so he finally calls me sunday night and says lets go tomorrow so after a long night of partying(sorry no photos of that) i drove back from the city around 10 am and met up with mike called up our buddy ling ling, and steak knife and headed to santa cruz. first things first we had to skate what i believe is my favorite skatepark. ling ling was getting wild in the tube and mike V was crusing.

then secondly we headed to the beach, whats a trip to santa cruz without getting a little wet? so when we got to the beach of course there were beautiful women

but mike had some one else in mind.

so as we all know mike is always keepin it real some times to real
FGO for life

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