Friday, August 7, 2009


well today i started my week long stay here in Davis got here around 10 am which was immediately followed by a bike ride. i was hoping this bike ride was going to take me a couple hours, since i don't know where anything is here. we to my surprise i found the wells Fargo(my first stop) roughly after being on my bike for 3 minutes. put some money in. then headed over to this ice cream shop where my sister said i could potentially work for a week and ironically found it within 10 minutes of riding. so i kinda said " what the fuck, now all my shit is done and it only took 13 minutes" so i headed back to the pad turned on a movie and fell asleep for 4 hours. woke up to find out that my bike had a flat tire. so i walked out side to ride my sisters bike and realized she had no seat and it was locked(which she didn't leave me the code for) so i grabbed my skate board and decided to skate to the skate park which i figured would take me a bit. once again to my surprise the skate park was only 2 blocks from here house and it was on a bike path the entire way. got there skated what has to be one of the worst parks ever built (although it does have one pretty fun quarter) for a couple hours then headed back once again. so now my bike is in pieces because i tryed to put my seat post on my sister bike before i realized that her bike was locked. and i took off the whee cuz it was flat.

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